Electronics & Communication Engineering


The field of Electronics & Communication Engineering (ECE) is the place to be in for those who love electronic systems ranging from heavy power generator devices to the smallest of micro-chips. This department infuses the design, manufacture, installation, operation and management of electronic systems that strengthen modern economies and contribute to improving the quality of life. With the fast pace of development in electronics, video and audio, communication system and the automation in the industry has made an electronic engineer a catalyst for the change in modern world.

The ECE department at SIET, Manawala prepares students in this field using new-age information and computer intensive technologies. The B.Tech (E.C.E.) degree program is designed to achieve a balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration. The Electronics and Communication program manages and conduct all activities regarding course work & Lab experiments. The department is supported with experienced and committed faculty and a wide range of well equipped electronics, communication, electromagnetic, telecommunication and computer laboratories.


  • Well Equipped Lab
  • Enriched Book Library
  • World Class International Journal Access
  • Wi-Fi Department Facility
  • Industrial Visit for Technology Awareness

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