Applied Science


Department of Applied Sciences, SIET, Manawala ensures a healthy and a clear understanding of the subjects such as Applied Physics, Applied Chemistry, Applied Mathematics and Communication Skills. The department is committed to impart quality education of all the above listed subjects. Special emphasis is given on imparting theoretical as well as practical knowledge to the students. The department is supported by well qualified and well experienced faculty members who are responsible to make the students to be able to use their intellectual skills in a better way. All the facilities are provided to the students in the department to ensure a healthy understanding of the various subjects that enable them to understand the subjects, they study in higher semesters.

Engineering Chemistry combines the curriculum and teaching methodology in order to impart the best knowledge of the subject to the students. This subject lays emphasis on the overall development of the child through its utilities and application in daily life. The engineering Chemistry is taken as a core subject by the student of ECE and IT in their 1st sem and by CSE, ME and CE in their 2nd sem. The practical knowledge is imparted to the students through well designed and fully equipped labs that provide the students with the basic understanding of chemistry that may be required by the upcoming engineers in the course of their careers. The basic aim of this subject is to train the students as both scientists and engineers in order to enhance their problem solving abilities.


  • Well Equipped Lab
  • Enriched Book Library
  • World Class International Journal Access
  • Wi-Fi Department Facility
  • Industrial Visit for Latest Technology Awareness