Life @ Campus

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    Libraries are the hub of academic life of the campus. Housed in spacious halls, the Libraries are well stacked with text books, technical journals, periodicals, and reference material for advanced research and development work. The libraries of SSGI Group are high tech, centrally air conditioned and example of the state of the art architecture. The library functions under qualified and experienced librarians and they are assisted by a number of assistant librarians to help the students sort out the books. The daily issue/ return of the books is about 300, besides a large number of CDs. While the number of books in the library is huge, the reputed journals and standard magazines are in scores. We subscribe to many newspapers and the reference books in our library are uncountable. There is a separate AC room to consult the reference books. Our library contains advance books in all possible subjects besides there are spiritual books, biographies and encyclopedias. The sitting capacity of the library is 150 students and more than 700 students visit the library daily which is a record.

    The project of complete digitization of Library at SSGI is underway. Our institutes are subscribing to e- journals in good quantity in rder to keep a pace with the concept of most modern e-libraries.

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    All Colleges are unique from the architectural point of view. The buildings are other facilities are backed with modern amenities. The classrooms are fitted with modern gadgets and are well lighted. Audio-visual aids are available in the class rooms for imparting meaningful education.

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    All Colleges are unique from the architectonic The computer centres of our Colleges are unique. These are stocked with P-IV HP Compaq computer terminals which are inter-connected through LAN and having 24 – hour internet facility with 128 kbps V-SAT and 128 kbps lease line. The computer centres are quite spacious, air conditioned and provided with all the necessary assessories
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    Very cosy, comfortable and convenient transport facility is provide by the management. The Society maintains a fleet of buses to transport the students at affordable expenses who are day scholars and travel to the Campus from Dasuya, Nurpur, Sujanpur, Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Dhariwal, Shapurkandi etc. Very cosy, comfortable and convenient transport facility is provide by the management. The Society maintains a fleet of buses to transport the students at affordable expenses who are day scholars and travel to the Campus from Dasuya, Nurpur, Sujanpur, Pathankot, Gurdaspur, Dhariwal, Shapurkandi etc.
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    We, at Sri Sai Group take special care of all necessary requirements in hostel for the development and growth of a student. We ensure that the child gets the homely feeling, with the best amenities and the desire to study hard more in a friendly atmosphere. Students, who come from all over India, get exposed to different religions and customs therefore a complete finishing school in itself is the core feature of our hostel. Tuning students to the real aspect of life, however letting them enjoy the comforts of reading newspapers and books, providing them nutritious food, safe drinking water, round the clock water supply including water heating systems, etc. gives them a feeling of being at home.

    Efficiency of students increases when they get good company and friends. Students usually have a habit of studying together and our spacious rooms provides them a comfortable setup to study. Reducing the burden of daily washing of clothes and vessels, we have in house Laundry system which takes care of washing and ironing. We want our students to manage a home away from home and discipline themselves even in the absence of their parents. Liberal in all means, but strict in the areas of maintaining hygiene, manners and discipline is the core feature at SSGI hostels.

      Salient facilities
    • Nutritious Food
    • Pure Drinking Water
    • Attached bathroom
    • 24 hour Security
    • Ambulance facility
    • Telephone
    • Neat and clean pollution free environment.
    • Lush green lawns and fruit laden trees all around.
    • Uninterrupted power supply round the clock
    • High power generators
    • Convenient and comfortable furniture.
    • Recreation rooms with indoor games.
    • ATM facility
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  • Sports Click To View

    The competitive Sports & Games are integral part of life of human beings and there is an urgent need to promote sports in a systematic manner. In order to achieve excellence in sports, both at National and International levels, there is a need to adopt a uniform policy so that sports is broad based, sports activities in all the Campuses are well spread over the year, and the competitions are held regularly. The students in the Campuses should get a fair chance to show their mettle; harness talent at grass root level besides providing beneficial recreation and fostering of social harmony and discipline.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility Click To View

    Corporate Social Responsibility has always been an integral part of SSGIs vision. Sri Sai Group not only celebrates freedom of thought, cultivates vision and encourages growth, but also inculcates human values and concern for the environment and the Society. Our philanthropic Chairman Er.S.K.Punj and his spouse Managing Director Smt. Tripta Punj always believe in service before self. In a view to contribute its share towards the society, the management of SSGI has undertaken several initiatives towards the benefit of the Society at large

    • Free education to meritorious students from weaker sections of society.
    • 24 hours Ambulance Service is available on the Campus in order to take care of the Emergency and other medical needs of students and community at large.
    • Organising blood donation camps.
    • Health awareness rallies at near by villages
    • Pulse Polio programme.
    • On Last Thursday of every month, free Eye-Check up camp is organized at Sri Sai Group of Institutes.
    • Social projects like cleaning the village drainage, wells, street, the cremation grounds and other places of community gathering. The female students of the Sai Group of Institutes teach the illiterate village woman the advantages of family planning and birth control. Our student have adopted two villages for in-depth development. These villages Bhamrota and Dhandhu Sarah are example of the great and valuable service that the students can do for the society under the N.S.S.
  • Education Loans Click To View

    Getting Education is no longer an insurmountable problem these days. Education loans are available to the needy and deserving students from the Nationalized Banks at reasonable rates of interest. Theses loans are repayable after the completion of the degree/diploma

  • Students Aminities Click To View

    Students amenities are the basic concept with our society. We know that our students come to us from far off places and need amenities. Each College has its own hygienic canteen, Nestle Coffee kiosk and a parking place for cars, scooters and motorcycles. Concrete benches with round tables have also been provided to the students in the grassy grounds for sitting during leisure time. There is a well-equipped common room for girls in every College

  • Reservation Policy Click To View

    The reservation policy for admission to various courses is as per the instructions issued by the State Government of Punjab. Currently one-third seats are management quota seats. For full details, the candidates are advised to refer to the respective Information Brochure

  • Labs and Workshops Click To View

    Wi-Fi labs are the integral part of our Colleges. All the Colleges have well established Labs with the latest equipment required for the various programmes. The Central Workshop facility is available in the Engineering College, which has been established and upgraded recently to impart practical training to the students and fabricate any gadgets and setups for experimental work.

  • Fee Waiver Scheme Click To View

    The State Government has started a fee waiver scheme to help the economically poor but meritorious students. Further information regarding this can be obtained from the office of the Registrar.

  • Financial Help Click To View

    It is a motto with the management of our Group, Poverty would not be allowed to stand in the way of the completion of the education of meritorious students. Such students are generously helped. Sri Sai Education Society encourages academically intelligent and poor students to acquire higher education by giving them financial help in the form of tuition fee waiver. Relaxation in tuition fee is also given to merit position holders in the qualifying examinations/competitive examinations and position holders in the University examinations. The parents of meritorious students are also honoured along with the students in the annual functions of the Colleges.

  • Advisory System Click To View

    All the students who come to seek admission in our institutes are given top priority and considerate attention. Each faculty member called the Advisor is allotted about 20 students who acts as their local guardian in all matters. A student can approach the advisor at any time during working hours or otherwise and seek his/her advice.

  • Scholarships Click To View

    In order to help the deserving and meritorious students we have tied up with many State & Central Agencies which provide Scholarships to the students:

    • Govt. of India Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for SC/ST students studying in India for refund of fees through Punjab Govt. (Director, Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab , Chandigarh)
    • Punjab Govt. Special Grant to SC/ST students through Director Technical Education and Industrial Training Punjab, Chandigarh.
    • Scholarship to bonafide Himachali students pursuing Technical Courses by Himachal Govt. through Director Technical Education and Industrial Training, Himachal Pradesh, Sunder Nagar.
    • Post Matric Scholarship for SC students by Govt. of Jammu & Kashmir through Directorate of Social Welfare, Jammu.